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The Mechanics of Freedom


Summer/Fall 2017 Tour

Creatively exploring the nature of technology, money systems and structures of power through a holistic cross-pollination of subversive artists, internet activists, generational freedom fighters and ethical hacktivists advocating a free digital society and sustainable global future. 


A Few Highlights from our Past Events

The Hacktivist Village's uncharted vision for a cross-pollination of subversive hacker ethos, financial activism and techno-social movements was catalyzed into a wildly experimental -but real-life- programme that debuted in 2016. Thanks to a partnership collaboration with Symbiosis Gathering, we were able to bring our conceptual idea to life as a hackerspace-inspired interactive environment, collaborative workshop space and stage. 

The task is not just to understand the world, but to change it.
— Karl Marx

Tech Philosopher & Bitcoin Guru: Andreas Antonopoulos

EFF's Yan Zhu on the future of digital privacy

Summer/Fall 2017 programme tour 

The Mechanic of Freedom

This year, we've got the foundation of what we learned, accomplished and experienced last year at Symbiosis Gathering to grow from. Now, we're building the next evolution of our interactive experiment. 

Hacktivist Village 2017 Exclusive

Art installations, interactive exhibits & stage designs


A hacker is someone who enjoys playful cleverness — not necessarily with computers.
— Richard Stallman

2017 Exclusive

International Programme 




Hackerspace-inspired Village & Programme
Speakers, workshops, seminars, ceremonies and interactive installations which holistically explore evolving systems and structures of power within society.



Financial Hacking
Adventures with alternative monetary systems & economic activism


Nature of Technology
Embedded values and the broader impact of technological innovation


Hacker Culture
DIY movement and creative activism


Future of Digital Society
Intellectual property, surveillance, privacy & digital rights

To provide a deeply engaging experience that encourages new discoveries and spontaneous human connections through cross-pollination of knowledge and ideas. We're creating an immersive playful environment with the building blocks for developing new perspectives on culture and technology through the exploration of existing and evolving power structures within society. 

The Hacktivist Village is not just a breeding ground for new ideas; our goal is to help ideas become reality through exploration, critical engagement, social empowerment and de-alienation of the structures we seek to change.  

It’s important to realize that innovation and growth in itself are not sufficient to moderate inequality of wealth.
— Thomas Piketty